◆ 2.5 HP quiet DC motor

◆ Foldable design for easy storage

◆ Equipped with dual rollers, easy to move around

◆ Plug and run, no installation needed

◆ Foot-operated folding pole, push-button folding armrest. Fold and unfold in 5 sec

◆  Dual emergency protection mode

◆  Automatic shutdown after 5 minutes of no-load operation for saving energy

◆ Stylish appearance design

◆ Built-in cellphone/tablet stand

◆ Multi-window white light display, preset with 12 running program

◆  Black acrylic touch panel, high sensitivity, easy operation

◆ High sensitivity heart rate sensor

◆  Energy-saving and environmentally friendly transformerless electronic control technology, wide applicable voltage range

◆ Polyurethane handle, outstanding ergonomics

◆  High-fidelity audio and Bluetooth music input

◆  Support multi-platform health&fitness mobile APP connection(IOS and Android)

◆ Scientifically and effectively improve the exercise effect and safety protection by real-time heart rate monitoring